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Dr. Mark Plotkin is a practicing Physical Therapist, specializing in the ROLF method, providing health care services to all facets of the entertainment industry.

Dr. Mark completed his masters degree on Physical Therapy and his Ph.D in Ethnobotany. Further specialized training in the ROLF method, by a direct disciple of the founder, Ida. P. Rolf & tutored by Anthropologist John Steele.

His unique brand of therapy, Aromatherapy Therapeutic Bodywork, is a scientific validated system of body reconstruction ( Myofascia manipulation ) coupled with the utilization of plant extracts ( Aromatherapy ) that releases life long blockages stemming from lowered Chakras ( vitality ) & impaired psychological functions ( depression. )

Some of Dr. Markʼs notable achievements include performing his signature Bodywork for Academy & Grammy award winners, British Royalty, a President of the United States, several Noble Peace Prizes recipients, Professional & Hall of Fame Athletes, while preparing the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team for the 2012 London games.

Dr. Plotkinʼs accolades have been featured on the Today show, NBC Nightly News & KTLA Morning News. Also in print within Allure, New York Post, Newsweek, People, & Rolling Stone magazines, along with the Los Angeles & New York Times newspapers.

Currently provided on location services for numerous Live Nation Touring Artists & managed Venues. In addition to the music industry, Dr. Mark has treated patients on countless blockbuster motion pictures, national commercial & television set locations.

This unique type of Therapeutic experience, that are performed within the comfort of the home environment, on set locations & corporate facilities, are all specialized treatments, formulated for long term therapeutic health care beneficial results.

Thank you for the opportunity towards establishing a wonderful healing relationship & look forward towards providing the utmost Therapeutic services offered for the discerning, throughout the entire entertainment industry & all sports related fields.

P.T.; Ph.D.; C.M.T.

310 394 69 86